Since its establishement in 2001,CHANGZHOU LINYIN ELECTRON CO.,LTD has been developing and offering cables for professional audio industries home and abroad.

Besides the cables that are warmly welcomed by music enthusiasts, we also supply them with other musical instruments accessories, such as direct box, cable tester, power supplier for effects and so on.

We have a full line of cables ranging from the guitar cables, microphone cable to patch cables, stage cables as well as others like audio cable, multi cable and ect.

With the time passed by "SILKROAD" cable is known by more and more people who are looking for the ideal cables for the best sound transfer. Buyers can choose from various kinds of "SILKROAD" cable, or require for customized OEM ones.

We have been improving ourselves all the time to meet the most discriminating needs of our esteemed customers. With the strict product managing system and expertise technique of manufaturing, we ensure that you will be satisfied at our products.

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